Our Policies

It is important to us to have clear ideas and frameworks as a basis in our efforts to be the best employer we can be. For that reason, we have a set of internal regulations which together with the external rules make up the framework for our operations.

Quality Policy

Through the activity of Design, Development and Production of Footwear, Eurovilde aims to produce and supply products that meet the needs of customers, which comply with what they are designed for. In this way, we develop policies that support our mission and principles.

Environmental Policy

In our company, our employees and other entities working under our guidance must be aware of their positive and negative environmental impact and strive to mitigate their negative impact. For this reason, we develop this policy that supports such concerns with the environment.

Sustainability Policy

Eurovilde adheres to sustainable development by doing business with concerns of economic, social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, we have developed a policy that takes into account economic, safety, occupational health, environmental and social aspects.

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