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about us
Who we are

Eurovilde specializes in the manufacturing of all types of footwear. Our developments and creations follow the latest fashion trends without losing sight of quality and comfort.

The continuous research for new materials, accessories and for believing in every detail led to the creation of an exclusive footwear product.

Flexibility and experience are the typical characteristics of this company and allow us to satisfy any customer's request within fast deadlines and guarantee the quality and comfort of our creations.

With a strong commitment to globalization, we are proud to work with international clients from all over the world in the footwear development and production to private label.

how we started

Our Story

Since 1988, our team has been able to understand the needs of the footwear industry and create reliable products to meet market expectations.

The company was founded in the early 1980s, producing men's and women's shoes, in a garage, with around 10 workers and a production of around 30 pairs of shoes a day.

The 90's was a decade of growth, with the construction of our own pavilion with around 40 workers, supported by investment in advanced technology in order to be equipped to produce any order.

In 2012, the company moved to its current facilities, installing the company in a sophisticated industrial unit occupying an area of ​​5,000 m2, with the capacity to produce 800 pairs of shoes per day.

Since the year 2015, the company has faced strong expansion in the international market, exporting a significant part of its production to a range of customers made up of major international brands, which purchase shoes under their own brand.

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